There is always a way where Love is at the center.

This space is devoted to the diverse expressions of Life, Love and bewilderment woven into the human journey. The essays, stories and poetries attempt to ally the traveler in their descent to the root of separation and rise again in right relationship with God and Her Many Faces.

Beloved, may you hit rock bottom at least once in your life. Only then will you ever have the chance to know what you are a part of, what sustains and in the end will have Her way anyhow.

Our stories, our lives, are our medicine basket. When we reclaim what lives under the rubble of pain, Life can thrive again in balance for us and through us. This is a space for naming in my own way, for you to name in your own way, and loving free all that stands in the way of centering Love in our lives. A little memoir meets gospel.

As head priestess and medicine woman behind Her Many Faces I promise to be fully human and live by the words I share. I am not concerned with grammatical perfection as much as I am with authentic soul expression. I speak what moves through me with the understanding that the moment it has been spoken it has changed shape. Please reach out if something stirs your heart.

I do not pray for success. I ask for faithfulness.” Mother Teresa

Here you will find God, Mother God, Goddess, Holy Spirit, Ancestor, Ritual, Prayer, Womb, Wound, Sex, Loss, Relationships, Initiation, Beauty, Sacred Earth Medicines, Client Stories, Addiction, Trauma, Epigenetics, Quantum Healing, Mythology, the Sacred Feminine, the Sacred Masculine, what is emergent- and LOVE.

Her Many Faces is an integrated auxiliary of The First Flame, a private not for profit faith based organization committed to awakening and upholding Sacred Law. Your donation (paid subscription) is tax deductible and supports the educational and ministry efforts of The First Flame for those who may not have access to certain healing medicines and services and to keep the foundation of this temple strong.

The times we are in are challenging and dynamic. Bless you for being here, healing here, loving here.

When you subscribe as a Paid Subscriber~ You automatically get my 80 page eBook “Holistic Integration”(the path of the inner healer, tools for transformation, healing transmissions and a splash of memoir). You will be sent a link with instructions and a code to download. You support the writer in a woman’s soul.

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As an unpaid subscriber you honor my work by giving my voice a space to expand. If you are unable to donate, please share. Sharing is caring and helps water the seeds. Thank you.

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Essays, transmissions, inspirations. ~The wound attracts the medicine ~ Love is at the center.


Writer, medicine woman, walking a path of devotion. You can know more about me at “If you are lucky, you will hit bottom at least once in your life”.